Event Registration
The person in charge of registering a conference delegation will provide the details of his/her organisation as well as his/her own details here. Individuals can also register here. Check the Terms and Conditions regarding the entry fees and deadlines.

Please provide the company details, address and VAT number to be able to enable us to send you an invoice which will allow you to recover VAT.

VAT number is required for EU based companies.

Please provide the names and contact details of the individuals in the delegation.

If you are a charity, please contact us.

The WEEE Forum reserve the right to cancel your registration if you select the wrong entry ticket category. If in doubt, check the Terms and Conditions or contact sofia.khatib@weee-forum.org..

We are taking action to reduce the conference’s climate impact. If you wish to further support climate protection, you can donate to offset the footprint generated by your chosen travel method by following the link below.

Go to myclimate.org website

Please provide the credit card details to pay for the tickets.

If you don’t have credit card or have questions about the payment process, please check our Terms and Conditions.

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In order to purchase the tickets, you need to agree on our Terms and Conditions. and Privacy Policy.

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